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Go Figure Armonk: Barre Fitness Reimagined 

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Go Figure Armonk: Barre Fitness Reimagined

gofigure_fourladies_frontGreenwich resident, Christina Schwefel recently acquired the Go Figure Barre Studios, a boutique barre fitness concept with locations in Armonk, Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan and Rye. Working with a NYC design team she has renovated the Armonk space with new paint and lighting and a full install of the artwork by Dublin Wilson on the walls.

With the technical assistance of classical ballet trainer Steven Apatow and the Harkness Center for Dance Injury Prevention she also redefined the “Figure Method” which incorporates the best of Pilates, Yoga, orthopedic exercises and classical ballet technique. “It is incredibly effective in toning, strengthening and conditioning the entire body,” Christina told us.

Improve body aesthetics, build bone density with no heavy lifting

Gofigure_barrrre-With the “Fitness Method” muscle groups are shaped and strengthened through slow, sustained, precise movements followed by intense stretching to avoid building bulk. The Method offers a full body workout for overall physical conditioning with an emphasis on toning thighs, backside, abdomen and arms. “The result is lots of improvement in body aesthetics and building bone density,” Christina said.

Clients work on a padded floor and with a ballet barre, using their own body for resistance. There is no heavy lifting or use of machines. Instead light hand weights are used to sculpt and tone the arms, back and shoulders.

The non-impact exercises are designed to be gentle on joints and produce dramatic results. Classes are choreographed to music – dance music for strength training and anything goes during stretch, from Dave Matthews to Pearl Jam.

No, you don’t have to be a ballerina!

 GoFigureStudio_barre“You don’t need toe shoes or any ballet training for the Figure Method,” Christina told us. “We have dancers in our program but the vast majority have never taken a ballet class.”

The Method taps into classical ballet technique for it’s emphasis on setup and body alignment. Steven Apatow did a mechanical analysis of The Method and Harkness went through its set-up, sequencing and alignment to focus on posture and form. “When you get in the correct set-up there’s less modifying to do when you start to move. Just holding your position can offer a very intense workout.” Christina said.

Mothers, daughters and grandmothers too

GoFigureStudio_light weightsAnd in its new iteration, the one-hour Figure Method workout is even more accessible for all ages, body types and fitness levels. “While there are aerobic aspects to the Figure Method, we slowed down the workouts for less movement. This makes it work for people from 18 to 80 looking for a dynamic and safe workout.”

“We see male and female athletes come in who are quite strong and they can’t get through a set and then there’s a 72 year old, incredibly toned, long and lengthened and she’s gracefully going through the workout. A lot of mother/daughters take the sessions together. Even grandmother, mother, daughter and often the grandmother has the best form.”

If you like yoga…

GoFigureStudio_stretch“Conceptually, there’s similarity between Yoga and the new Go Figure “Fitness Method. There’s lots of repetition and a lot of balance work. But this doesn’t look like Yoga. We use some of their stretching. It’s a different way to work the body and develop strength and create a long and lean appearance.”

“We like to think of this as a personal workout even though it’s a group class as everyone is focused on their alignment and form. It’s a non-competitive way to improve posture and flexibility, energize, strengthen and sculpt ageless, beautiful bodies.”

New Myodetox Services

Goffigure_meikeGo Figure recently introduced myodetox services in all their locations. This new hands-on therapy, performed by licensed physical therapist, chiropractors and massage therapists, is designed to unlock mal-adapted postural patterns and realign the body. “It is highly effective in relieving and preventing complaints that are the result of an incorrect posture and pattern of movement in sports and training,” Christina told us.

From the Ivy League to Armonk

Gofigure_chritinaschwefelChristina has been a Figure Method instructor for 6 years, and has owned the Nantucket studio since it’s opening in 2013. She is a certified yoga and Pilates instructor with over a decade of personal training and group exercise experience. She is also a psychologist who specializes in girl’s development and women’s issues; and holds a teaching position at Columbia University.

Figure Method Studios are located in Armonk, Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan, Rye and Nantucket, MA.

(Go Figure Armonk, 111 Bedford Rd., (Elide Plaza) Armonk, 914.273.1626;

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