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This Seven Layer Cake Has a Story 

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This Seven Layer Cake Has a Story: Our good friend, Chef Mark Kramer of Susan Lawrence Gourmet Foods knows that our readers are always hungry for a good food story. It just so happens that the Seven Layer Cake he’s been baking for decades has a story that began in Austria and traveled through a little bakery in Grand Central Station. Thanks for sharing Mark!

Our Seven Layer Cake Has a Story

Chef Mark Kramer's Farm Table DinnerWhen I was a child, my parents would often stop at Éclair – a bakery in Grand Central Station, popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s. The owner brought the sweet taste of Austria and Hungary to New York City where busy commuters would purchase Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte, Apple Strudel and Charlotte Russe.

The Charlotte Russe was anything but traditional – a small white paper cup with a push-up bottom filled with sponge cake and whipped cream. As children, we squealed with delight when these were brought home. Even more so, we nearly shook in anticipation of the Marshmallow-stuffed Glacé Apricots that probably caused my life-long obsession with apricots in ALL its forms.

But most memorable was the Seven Layer Cake. A modest rectangle with seven heavenly layers of sponge cake and light chocolate buttercream all enrobed in a dark chocolate glaze. For the last decade or three, I have been recreating this childhood memory, and it is still one of our most popular cakes.

I suppose a classic will always remain one. Over the years, I have encountered numerous people, who after seeing our Seven Layer Cake, recalled that same little bakery in Grand Central Station. Their memories are a touching tribute to a special little cake that has inspired decades of sweet and delicious eating right here at Susan Lawrence. – Mark Kramer

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