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Byram Hills Education Foundation 2015-16 Grants 

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The Byram Hills Education Foundation recently announced that it has awarded ten grants totaling $324,604 in 2015-16. The grants, which provide state-of-the-art programs and technologies at each of the District’s schools, include four Signature Grants and six Insta-Grants, including:


Full STEAM Ahead! (District-wide: $90,495). This grant expands and accelerates implementation of the District’s STEAM Initiative which integrates science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematic. This initiative gives students at all academic levels added exposure to coding, robotics, engineering, electronics and 3D modeling.

BHEF Byram Hills Education Foundation 2015-16 GrantsThe 21st Century Classroom Pilot Project (H.C. Crittenden: $16,730). This pilot project converts one-sixth grade classroom into a “learning studio” that supports 21st Century learning and will serve as a model for future classroom redesigns. The classroom redesign will enable the space to convert easily from full group instruction to small group workstations and includes adjustable height tables and chairs on casters, three LED monitors and white boards to facilitate multi-sensory learning.

The 21st Century Classroom Pilot Project (BHHS: $52,480). In the High School, the 21st Century Classroom Pilot Project enables teachers from the English, Social Studies, Math and World Languages departments to change their classroom spaces, to take advantage of the implementation of Chromebooks and the wireless network already in place, to speed the school’s transition to an innovative instructional model. Seven classrooms will pilot various new designs based on 21st Century learning needs. The classrooms will include at least one of the following: new tables, desks and chairs of various sizes to provide flexible learning groups; student presentation areas that include LED monitors to display student and teacher Chromebooks; listening stations for language learning; increased whiteboard space and soft furniture seating areas. Through this transformed learning space, students will access the curriculum through multi-sensory techniques and develop the 5C’s of 21st Century learning – Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity and Community.

STEAM Labs – Rethinking Learning Labs (H.C. Crittenden and BHHS: $156,000). BHEF’s STEAM Labs grant funds the renovation of four technology labs (two at each school) made obsolete by changing technology. Each STEAM Lab will have the capacity to be easily reconfigured to meet class needs, enabling teachers to group students in ways that best suits a variety of instructional modalities and educational applications. Grant money will be used for height adjustable tables, ergonomic chairs, four 48” LED TVs mounted around the room for small group work, a projector for large group presentations, shelving for storage and a comfortable soft seating area. A central control panel, providing specialized lighting and sound to promote an optimal learning environment, will control the room. This environment will stimulate the 5C’s of 21st Century learning.

BHEF Byram Hills Education Foundation 2015-16 Grants2015-16 INSTA-GRANTS

Noise Canceling Headphones (BHHS: $275).  This grant funds five Earmuff/Noise Cancelling headphones and ten headphone Hygiene Kits for students in the Flexible Support Program (FSP). The noise cancelling headphones will assist students by reducing distractions, allowing better focus on educational activities.

Bobcat Buddies (Coman Hill: $1,847).  This grant funds imaginative play and sensory integration materials, board games, and craft supplies to be used throughout the Bobcat Buddy program at Coman Hill within and outside the classroom setting.

Everyone Matters Book Bank! (Coman Hill: $2,348). This grant funds a set of grade-level library books to support the Everyone Matters campaign which advocates for every person’s right to dignity and respect, without judgment or shame. The books will be utilized for read aloud and small group lessons.

Fun with Phonics (Coman Hill: $1,371). This grant provides Kindergarten students in the Academic Support program with additional learning opportunities through play with collaborative games and activities, fostering skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and mastery of basic early literacy.

Discovery through Performance with The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Co. (HCC: $1,925). This grant funds a performance and workshop of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream by The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Company for all eighth grade students. Students and actors will work in small groups to study accents, staging, costumes, swordplay, and modern screenwriting techniques. Following the workshop the students will create their own modernized performance for the HCC community.

Logitech HD Pro Webcam (Wampus: $1,133). This grant funds fifteen webcams and related technology for students at Wampus to connect with other students in the community and throughout the globe through programs such as the Global Read Aloud initiative or other platforms to discuss common books or activities.

The Byram Hills Education Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation that provides financial support to the teachers and school administrators to introduce innovative programs, equipment and technologies BHEF Spring Gala 2016 Byram Hills Education Foundation 2015-16 Grantsbeyond what is covered by the school district’s annual operating budget. Since its inception in 1994, the Foundation has awarded 338 grants totaling more than $4 million.  More information about the Foundation is available at

Byram Hills Education Foundation 2016 Spring Gala: BHEF takes a new approach this year with a rocking gala at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester. Tramps Like Us the renowned Bruce Springsteen Tribute Band from Chappaqua will headline the night’s festivities onstage. The evening will also include hors d’oeuvres and dinner stations, an open bar and an interactive online auction. Festive casual attire this year folks so put away that dinner dresses. Since its inception in 1994, the BHEF has awarded over 300 grants totaling more than $3.5 million. Fri, 5/13: 7-11pm.

The Full Steam Ahead, Crittenden’s 21st Century Classroom Pilot Project and Bobcat Buddies and the Everyone Matters Book grants are generously supported by the Debra Leipman Yale Memorial Fund.

 BHEF Chromebooks

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