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Winter Care for Your Trees

Winter Care for Your Trees If you want to ensure a beautiful spring for your trees, avoid dangerous falling branches, and save a little money, this winter, you should consider pruning your deciduous trees, treating your evergreens with antidesiccant, and removing unsafe trees, according to Ken Almstead, ISA Certified Arborist and CEO of Almstead Tree, Shrub & Lawn Care Co. ...Full Article

Adding Fall Color to your backyard landscape

In the New York Metro area, we are lucky to be treated to a fireworks display of autumn colors. Few places have the variety and intensity of color that ...Full Article

Ken Almstead: Fall Landscaping 101

Ken Almstead: Fall Landscaping 101: Fall is a good time to inspect, restore and prepare your landscape for not only the coming winter but for next spring as well. ...Full Article

Where To Shop: Kitchens

Vice President of KBS / Kitchen & Bath Source in North White Plains, Rob Stonbely tells us what’s hot (and not) in kitchen remodeling.Full Article

Fall is the best time to control tick populations

Fall is your best time to control tick populations: More than 300,000 cases of Lyme Disease are reported to the Center for Disease Control each year making it the ...Full Article

Spring Survival: Organic Gardening

Are you a locavore at heart but  you’re just too busy to get to the Farmers’ Market? If you need to have a farmer’s market in your own backyard ...Full Article

Outdoor Toys for Audiophiles and Media Hounds

Outdoor Toys for Audiophiles and Media Hounds: Every year we check in with Lou Gordon, President of Soundworks Armonk, for a techno savvy discussion of the best new toys and ...Full Article

Soundworks: Inside-Out Technology for the home

Soundworks: Inside-Out Technology for the home: It used to be that getting ready for spring entertaining meant taking a steel brush to your Weber grill, dusting off the beverage ...Full Article

Tree Care with Ken Almstead: Reasons for pruning

Some people feel that every one of their trees is a trophy and each branch a sacramental act of nature. To remove one would be interfering with nature’s grand ...Full Article

Teich Garden Systems of South Salem

Between the rocks, poor native soil and pesky wildlife, Westchester presents a challenge for even the best of gardeners. Teich Garden Systems (TGS), of South Salem, offers an all-in-one raised bed ...Full Article

True Love and Heirloom Tomatoes

Looking for that rare variety of tomato, melon, pansy or herb? Check out Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds at The company was founded to preserve our agricultural and culinary heritage. They ...Full Article

Real Estate Update: Spring 2015

Once again this year we asked Ted Holmes of Douglas Elliman Real Estate in Chappaqua and Michael Levy of Grand Lux Realty in Armonk to report in on the ...Full Article

Back Up Power Generator

Remember when a back up generator for your home was number one on your to do list after Hurricane Sandy? You may be feeling less urgency now that the inconvenience of ...Full Article