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Horace Greeley Scholarship Fund Spring Gala Honors Two 

Horace Greeley Scholarship Fund Spring Gala Honors Two
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Horace Greeley Scholarship Fund Spring Gala Honors Two: The Horace Greeley Scholarship Fund will hold its 9th Annual Spring Gala at the Mt. Kisco Country Club at 10 Taylor Rd, Mt. Kisco on Friday, March 16 at 7pm. Dinner and drinks will be served. The night will include a live auction and a raffle for a 14 karat gold diamond pendant necklace and an iPhone X as we celebrate our honorees. RSVP by February 27. Tickets available here

The event will honor Brian O’Connor with the Ed Habermann Award for being an exemplary role model and for going above and beyond to enrich the lives of Chappaqua children. Ellen Miller will receive the Horace Greeley Award of Distinction for student and community support that goes above and beyond.

Brian O’Connor: Ed Haberman Award Winner

Horace Greeley Scholarship Fund Spring Gala Honors TwoThe Ed Haberman Award recipient, Brian O’Connor has been teaching in Chappaqua since 2002. He has taught 5th graders at Seven Bridges Middle School since its opening in 2003.

Over the years, Brian has worked to make character education an essential component of any topic, unit or mandated curriculum. These goals have come together in his classroom in a program he created to inspire his students to make a positive impact on others. Since 2009, Brian has interwoven the CNN Heroes and their inspiring stories into his curriculum. Over that time his students have studied and connected with many CNN Heroes. They have sent out over 4,000 letters to dozens of heroes on five continents and learned from their stories during dozens of Skype conversations and several Hero visits to Seven Bridges. Brian’s program was recognized and featured on the 10th Annual CNN Heroes Tribute live television broadcast in December 2016.

Ellen Miller: Horace Greeley Award of Distinction Winner

Horace Greeley Scholarship Fund Spring Gala Honors TwoHorace Greeley Award of Distinction winner, Ellen Miller has two sons, Harris and Trevor, who attended Chappaqua schools. At Grafflin Elementary School, Ellen chaired the Grapevine newsletter, Griffin magazine and the Health & Safety Committee. As part of a joint elementary school committee, she helped design and implement the Grafflin “Eat a Rainbow” program which helped students select balanced lunches. She also chaired Nutrition Committees at Grafflin, Bell Middle School and Greeley High School.

In 2006, Ellen joined the superintendent’s Wellness Advisory Committee. There she helped create the district’s wellness policy and food guidelines. She spearheaded the initiative to have recess before lunch, helped refine food service offerings and pricing, enhanced the district’s “farm to table” focus and established healthier food and beverage choices.

Ellen joined the Chappaqua School Foundation board in 2006. She worked on the Grants Committee for most of her nine-year tenure, expanding the grants’ reach in all schools and partnering with administrators and teachers on innovative educational initiatives. Ellen also served as a co-parent liaison for the Greeley Class of 2016. She has had a long career in health and medical communications and is currently enrolled in NYU’s Master’s in Food Studies program.

About the Horace Greeley Scholarship Fund

Established in 1946 by Horace Greeley High School students, the Horace Greeley Scholarship Fund works to make up “the difference” between the actual costs of college and all other financial resources available to students and their families. Over the last seventy-one years, hundreds of Greeley students have been awarded need-based grants from the Fund. Last year alone, the fund awarded $272,000 in grants to 33 applicants.

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