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This winter, cross train with Core Lab Armonk 

This winter, cross train with Core Lab Armonk
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This winter, cross train with Core Lab Armonk

Core Lab Armonk, sister studio of Core Lab Katonah, has quietly been building a loyal following since its opening in late 2016 and for good reason. The studio offers a boutique-style 50-minute full body guided workout that is both effective and efficient. The workout is based around the Megaformer, a fitness machine that evolved out of the Pilates reformer, to incorporate a more dynamic workout offering the benefits of the reformer but also including elements of strength training and cardio fitness. The allure of the Megaformer workout has been on the rise around the country, with a loyal (and royal) celebrity following touting its benefits.

This winter, cross train with Core Lab ArmonkCore Lab Armonk was created by Kim Holzmann-Krolick, a lifelong athlete and occasional extreme triathlon competitor. Having stumbled on the workout a decade ago in London, she found it to be one of the smartest workouts, physically demanding yet gentle on the joints. After a move back to the States, she headed to California to study with Megaformer creator, Sebastien Lagree, in his Los Angeles studio before bringing the dynamic workout to northern Westchester, opening her first studio in Katonah nearly five years ago.

Cardio, weight training, balance & flexibility

The 50-minute Megaformer workout offered at Core Lab Armonk, combines cardio, weight training, balance, and flexibility, and focuses mainly on muscular endurance, with the idea of bringing all muscle groups “to fatigue in a safe, effective [and] low-impact manner,” she told us. Per Holzmann-Krolick, “the workout benefits from the spring-loaded, sliding mechanism of the Megaformer as well as slow and controlled movements, making it a low-impact way to train while effectively bringing your muscles to failure leaving you sweating and shaking.”

This winter, cross train with Core Lab ArmonkAs the studio has just seven machines, there is a lot of individual attention and the focus is very much on getting exercises right the first time as well as incorporating individual accommodations into the workout as needed. “The older you get, it’s important to be mindful of what exercises you choose to do, in terms of protecting your joints and not hindering your alignment and mobility.” The Megaformer works all muscles groups as well as working each side of your body independently, allowing focus on alignment throughout a prescribed series of exercises during each session.

As for cross training, “our workout pairs incredibly well with whatever other workouts you’re doing,” she adds. “It’s amazing for cross-training. We have runners, cyclists, equestrians, and tennis players who swear by it. Each fall and winter we have a group of dedicated skiers who turn to this workout specifically to build muscular endurance as well as leg and core strength to keep them on the mountain well after everyone else has gone in. There really is nothing like it.”

More than just, “Oh, I look better in my jeans.” … but that too!

This winter, cross train with Core Lab ArmonkThe Megaformer has been well lauded in every fitness magazine as well as The New York Times for creating a sleek and toned physique with many A-listers swearing by it. The testimonials on Core Lab’s website attest to this as well. “Let’s be honest. Especially as we age, diet absolutely matters, but exercise, and specifically the Megaformer workout incorporating strength training throughout, will tighten up areas that gravity has a way of undermining as we age,” said Holzmann-Krolick. “I have yet to find another workout that leans out the body in the same way and as safely in just a few 50-minute sessions a week.”

If you haven’t yet tried the workout, Core Lab Armonk offers a first class free to all new clients which is available when you sign up online via the website.

(CoreLab Armonk, 475 Main St., Armonk; 914.401.4224, Corelab Katonah, 192 Katonah Ave., Katonah; 914.401.4224:

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